The Tuesday edition of #elxn41 – Lethbridge style

The conservative campaign is looking less and less appealing to those targets demographics they need to swing them over. By pushing people out, and creating an exclusive environment they are alienating youth and the “ethnic vote”.

Though – the tie to a “white rights” is not going to help the Grits any. Harper also seems to be keeping those polling numbers up and has maintained a lead despite some bumpy campaign rides.

Lastly, I find it interesting that Harper is spending a lot of time quoting Martin during the Sponsorship scandal – he doesn’t control what staffers do, and he didn’t know about the past of one of his key aides. Seems like despite the iron fist he has had on his caucus, PM Harper knows very little about what is going on in his own war room.

How does this effect Lethbridge? I haven’t seen any change thus far, so maybe it doesn’t at all. The voters are fairly well organized in their own camps and it takes a lot to swing them one way or another. Despite Cormican’s aggressive media releases, he is getting little notice in the local media. Sandilands announces his official candidacy tonight at 7pm. Little has been heard about Hillyer though. Even the CHP candidate has been more active than him. Is Hillyer riding the CPC’c stronghold all the way to the polls? He has a strong rural vote here, and his win of the nomination attests to that. If the other candidates don’t prove to be a viable alternative to those outside of their sphere of influence, they may as well just kept on their pre-determined course.

Regardless of the outcome – this campaign is interesting. It is sparking discussion on post-secondary education costs, the Lib’s introduced a very aggressive cap-and-trade program in their platform which they promptly buried, the Tories have been on the defensive regarding their record of accountability yet seem to be able to ride this economy high and we have seen an emergence of a strong two-party campaign. The NDP and Bloc have stepped back a bit, maybe giving room to the two best prepared parties to fight it out. Of course, knowing they will have to work with one or other either as a minority government or as leaders of a opposition. I think I see a change in Canadian politics, and I’m not sure if it is for the better.


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