Album review: Wounded Rhymes

By Lykke Li

From: Sweden

Genre: Pop

FTWL: long car rides, doo wop, Emily Haines, Best Coast,

Like many, I wrote this off as some more disco themed dance pop. Oh, how wrong I was. A full convert with this album I fully appreciate how Lykke Li has reeled in all those speaker dancers with her dance pop fused songs that make hips lie faster than Sebastien Togneri. Maybe it’s because those Swede’s know how to do pop music right.

From the finger wagging Youth Knows No Pain to the slow and deep hearted Unrequited Love this album truly exemplifies a depth of talent. Or, at the very least an incredibly intuitive producer. Each track features the value of Li’s vocals and the light and unobtrusive instrumentation allows this to be a solo effort album where the main attraction shines out loud, not hidden behind auto tune and a thrown together band.

The album keeps you guessing which style is next, just like your teenage head kept you guessing who your BFF was in high school. Great for singing alone in cars or mirror dancing.


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