LPC adding up special interest

Was forwarded the following e-mail this morning:

Call it a no holds barred conversation about Canada’s digital future.

Guest commentators Michael Geist and Steve Anderson will be joining me for a live chat about the Liberal Digital Canada Plan, unveiled in the Liberal Platform last week.

Then I’ll take your tough questions on net neutrality, open data, open government, usage-based billing (UBB), copyright, the CRTC, Internet access and coverage, and anything to do with digital policy.

Click here to RSVP for the 2pm EDT live chat at Liberal.ca. You can also read the Liberal Digital Canada Plan, and submit questions here.

On May 2, you have a chance to shape Canada’s digital future by helping us implement Canada’s first national digital strategy composed of these major components:

  • Providing broadband access for all Canadians;
  • Safeguarding an open Internet;
  • Closing the Digital Divide;
  • Achieving a fair balance between creators and consumers;
  • Promoting Canadian content, culture and identity in digital media;
  • Opening the government to Canadians;
  • Promoting competition in a healthy business environment that rewards innovation;
  • Giving Canadians the Parliament they deserve
  • Modernizing the voting system;
  • Protecting Canadians from digital threats.

Learn more about each of these commitments and RSVP for the live chat now.

During the live chat, in order to ensure a coherent conversation, we can only publish some of the comments and questions Canadians submit, so to ensure as many voices as possible can be heard, we encourage you to tweet into the #UBB hashtag, which we will be following closely.

We have also opened an Ask Me Anything (AMA) thread on Reddit, from which we will be taking the top questions.

RSVP for a reminder: http://lpc.ca/digital

See you at 2pm EDT.

Marc Garneau

A great idea and one that shores up the Liberal intellectual base while shuffling them forward as the party that is taking on a lead on this issue. Now, given that this issue is not one that a majority of Canadians are interested in, nor is this conversation worthy of re-scheduling the french language debate for but it is one that is held near and dear to some Canadian’s hearts.

Further, planning to have outsiders lead the conversation takes away some of the overt political punditness of it, and keeps it firmly in the policy wonk camp. This works. These are the type of people who care about this issue. They will also care about a party taking leadership, “in the right way” on this. They also are the type to vote. These are the people who any party should be after. The type who will vote if given a reason, but may not vote if they see nothing on their radar.


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