Theo Tams is right

Last night’s leader’s debate had me excited. We witnessed academics turned politicians (this may be a chicken or egg thing too) debate democracy and parliamentary procedure. We heard genuine and in-depth discussion about what it means to be a democracy in Canada and what it means for parties to act democratically.

There seems to be a more concerted effort on non-partisan ways to get people out to vote, get them jazzed about democracy. I am always suspect to their effectiveness. Primarily, individuals vote because they have a passion for a party, or a value. I am not sure how many people vote for the thrill of exercising a democratic right (in Canada). That being said, Apathy is Boring is a very well done site with the mission to get out the vote – a mission I believe is well worth the time and effort the individuals are putting into it.

The reason it stands out to me is that it brings together politics and culture – stripping away some of the elitist nature of both to reveal the direct applicability it has for any member of society. Anyone who has ever listened to Alexisonfire, or more locally, everyone and anyone who supported Theo Tams in his idol bid now has a responsibility to at the very least check out why he is throwing his support to this cause. If all of Canada can vote to support Theo Tams, maybe they should look at voting to support something he believes in too. If Theo Tams isn’t your dig, find out why Dan Mangan, Sook-Yin Lee, and Hollerado all care too.

Whatever you feel, whatever you believe in, vote. It is important and it means something. Many ridings win with only a few hundred. Let your’s count.


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