Record review: TVOTR’s “Nine types of light”

R.I.P. Gerard Smith.

Genre: Dance rock

FTWL: TVOTR – you already know and love them, right?

Recommended tracks: You, Will Do, Repetition

Dance tinged soul-rock, this album brings the heat from TV on the Radio. A love story, in a way, the album goes through the pains of love and lost with all the political nuance found in previous albums. These lyrics take on a variety of meanings – from the simple boy-meets-girl to a metaphor for international political schemes. A release worthy of the band so many know and love, there is no disappointment here. Faster paced than some of their previous releases, this album brings together some of the strongest sections of their 2004 “Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes” and their last release “Dear Science” – marrying them to give listeners a sound perfectly unique to TVOTR.

From the fuzzy ballad-like sounds of You, to the much faster electro, beat based New Cannonball, this album continues to feature the lovable falsetto along-side well crafted instrumentals. A perfect album for the every TVOTR fan, from the life long to the dance floor remix crowd.


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