Shot(gun) to the heart

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – one of the greatest charms Lethbridge has is its intimate venues that get to play house with some of Canada’s finest musicians. One such fine musician is the east-coast hailing Shotgun Jimmie. Playing with the wonderful and talented Ian Kehoe (from Attack in Black) on bass and Ryan Peters (from Ladyhawk) on drums, there was a plethora of home-grown talent on the stage of The Owl here in Lethbridge – enough to pack the house and get some toes tapping.

The show opened with the Lethbridge debut of new band Summer – featuring the all so talented local’s Paul Lawton, Jeff King, Ryan Grieve, and Tony Zucco, followed by the dreamy and heartfelt sounds of Calgary’s Forest Tate Fraser. A little bit east, a little big west, and little bit Alberta – see how we all get along?

Shotgun Jimmie with Michael Jackson and the Beatles played a fantastic set – a great chemistry between these three dudes and it was evident how much fun they had playing together. The heavier they got, the bigger the smiles. Playing primarily from Transistor Sister (a nom on the Polaris Long list) the charm of the album came through, with some added rock to the smooth roll. A heavier sound than that featured on the album, it flowed nicely from the leavings of the other two bands and worked quickly to carve out a stronger rock and roll niche for Mr. Shotgun.

Shotgun Jimmie and I sat down (well, stood in an alley) between sets and got down to the nitty gritty about his favourite Canadian cities to play in. His recount of his experience of playing on a tall ship in Halifax is pretty great – but depending on how far out they were in the open waters I don’t know if it counts as a Canadian city.

You’re going to have to tune in next week to the Random Nation on CKXU to hear the interview… 8pm to 9pm – the mix tape you wish you could make.


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