Tough on youth crime is just tough on youth

Some interesting infographs from the G & M article today on youth imprisonment:

The omnibused “tough on crime” bills also includes Bill C 15 – “An Act to amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and to make related and consequential amendments to other Acts”.

Funny how Canada is passing legislation into effect that was proven detrimental to the cause of lessening crimes and only served to lock up one time offenders or youth who then became institutionalized in the worst ways possible. I heard a quote a while ago and I wish I could attribute it but essentially it went, the best way to turn a young person into an urban gang member is to incarcerate them. Let’s be honest, being tough on drugs and minimum sentencing often means incarcerating young people for single transgressions.

Reminds me of this poignant, and stomach turning, This American Life episode: “Very Tough Love”.

This week: A drug court program that we believe is run differently from every other drug court in the country, doing some things that are contrary to the very philosophy of drug court. The result? People with offenses that would get minimal or no sentences elsewhere sometimes end up in the system five to ten years.

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