Lethbridge Herald, out of touch since …

I have come to expect little from the Lethbridge Herald, and since they continue to disregard fact checking or in-depth understanding of complex issues, I have rarely have had those low expectations exceeded.

In today’s paper, an article by Dave Mabell about the expected Alberta minimum wage bump. Here is how he started it:

For Alberta’s working teenagers, it should make a difference.

For Alberta’s working TEENAGERS?! How about the working poor? The low-income, double employed families? New Canadians who cannot get their PSE accreditation accepted in their field here in Canada? Single mothers? Post-secondary students?

Is this paper so out of touch they didn’t stop to think a minimum wage bump is important because of those hard working-can’t pay bills or support families-need social assistance-can’t unionize because of job security threat-grown ass people who need it?

At least the people he called for quotes had some idea of the need for this wage bump.


One thought on “Lethbridge Herald, out of touch since …

  1. Jon says:

    While I agree that some of those who earn minimum wage are poor or below the poverty line, recent data from Statistics Canada shows that the majority of those who earn minimum wage are below the age of 25:

    “Nearly 35% of teenagers age 15 to 19 worked for minimum wage. This age group traditionally has, by far, the highest rate of minimum-wage workers—almost half of all minimum-wage workers were teenagers. Another 17% were age 20 to 24. In total, more than 60% of minimum-wage workers were under 25, while this age group represented only 17% of all employees. This translates into an incidence rate eight times that of those 25 and older—18.9% versus 2.3% respectively. A very large number of these young minimum-wage employees attend school full time or part time.”


    Despite a nice attempt at pulling an NDP hit job on reality, reality sides with Dave Mabell and the Lethbridge Herald. Nice try.

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