Oh, America

The train trip was long, but not uncomfortable. Shelby MT ( home to the 9 dollar Mexican dinner that will fill yr gut), to the Seattle Amtrak station.

18 hours made better by a iPad Settlers of Catan app.

Our hostel is pretty spot on. A redone twenties hotel, it has charm and class. The breakfast, local artistry, and Freaks and Geeks box set available makes up for the bed’s lack of padding. Located downtown, it is a quick walk to the Pike market, a feel good stroll to Capitol Hill,and a drunken stumble from the festival sites.

everywhere we have gone has served local beers on tap, an excellent addition to our trip. Lots of local food too and of course heals of fresh seafood.

So far, Seattle is remaining true to my imposed idea that it is what an American city could be if it tried. Cheap food and drink, pride flags flying high, local everything, and open pot use. People seems to enjoy company, they use public spaces and respect others.

A trip to Pike market yesterday brought back memories of trips past. In one minute the sights and sounds made we want to eat everything in sight.

this morning’s itenary is light. Only one thing is for sure – Collin Meloy and Carson Ellis. Still pondering the best way to ask if Ellis will sign my tat.

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