Seattle: home to many a vegan delight

So, we missed Carson Ellis ad Colin Meloy due to a dream killing stomach flu. I’ve moved on.

It was a fantastic two days at the Bumbershoot grounds. Yesterday we spent the day walking, eating and checking out some pretty fantastic bands.

bands: BSS (some solid Canadian representation), Thee Oh Sees (A plus), Das Racist (meh), Toro y Moi (solid B), and The Kills (apparently much more popular than I realized. Worth the crowd for all the cherry red hair flips).

The highlight for me was the two panels we took in: Why Censorship? Why Revolution? Why now? and Dan Savage/ Terry Miller’s It Gets Better project.

The censorship panel was a great discussion, and although it was America centric, it explored a diversity of issues facing the ACLU. The panel also featured X: 144 who was present in Egypt during the first week of the revolution. His take was a very interesting, of course north American, perspective but was above all else very honest. His experience was one of shock, leading him to a deeper understanding of what daily life is like for any people in violate regions.

He tells it better himself:

Savage and Miller were fantastic of course. Witty, thoughtful, and creative in their language choices. They also have an uncanny knack for remembering people and names.

I realize I am stating the obvious, but it really is refreshing to be able to trust that when a restaurant says vegetarian, it really means vegetarian. And the bike lanes are well kept, and observed.

Started today with some wicked breakfast burritos at Bang Bang cafe, and a Freaks and Geeks epi or two in the hostels movie theatre. Tonight, Keith and I are going to partake in what is known as ” hall raising”. Watch out.


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