Listening to Savage Love (Episode 256) about Planned Parenthood and I suddenly realized my favourite part of being in Seattle: being able to say I was Canadian.

While walking around the city, and while in line to get into Bumbershoot there was a few people from Planned Parenthood – as well as petitions for legalizing same-sex marriages, and some illicit substances (which, for the record, were being used rather liberally on the grounds), asking for support to send petitions to their congress person.

My partner and I always responded with an apology, that we were Canadian but with them 100% in principle. We even gave a couple of donations to Planned Parenthood representatives. We were always told how lucky we were – to live in a country that respected the right and the freedom to choose who you love, to choose what to do with your body, and that respected the opinions and advice of medical practitioners.

I truly hope we never lose those rights and freedoms.

And until our southern neighbors get them as well, I suggest making a donation to Planned Parenthood USA and even your local chapter right here at home in Canada. Everyone deserves access to reproductive health resources – it shouldn’t matter where you live.

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