Coorespondence with Dr. Mahon, President of the U of L

Dr. Mahon, President and Vice-Chancellor of the U of L responded to my e-mail (similar in content to the one posted previously) but due to the disclosure policy of the U of L I am not able at this time to post his response.

Though, to paraphrase – he addresses my concerns in a similar tone to Zack Moline. That the issue here was freedom of expression. Dr. Mahon made some good points in his response – that there should be free and open discussion of all issues. That the ability for the display falls under the Principles of Student Citizenship – encouraging students to engage in intellectual exchange and discovery.

Like Moline, Dr. Mahon did not address my question about the change in precedent from using a partition to allowing the display in more than one place, in an open area. I have accepted that my primary concerns will likely go unanswered for the time being. It is a tricky issue, and while I understand the need to respect freedom of expression, I also understand how important it is for universities, like any other institution to uphold a consistent attitude towards these things.

Dr. Mahon raises fair and good points, all of course correct, though still not addressing the inconsistency of applying the freedom of expression rationale. If this is the new attitude then I hope more students take advantage of the ability to create a platform for others to engage in intellectual exchange and discovery, regardless of the controversy it may carry.

I hope that with this issue being raised both with the ULSU and the U of L there will be a widespread policy created that addresses graphic displays of any kind – be they penis’ or fetus’.


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