CKXU FUNdrive is upon us!

There are a million reasons to pledge to any local media source. Besides the community it fosters, the opportunities it provides to members from all walks of life, the commitment to local spoken word and internationally syndicated shows like Democracy Now! and Let’s Get Baked with Matt and Dave, and of course great local and Canadian music – it supports local free media that is not beholden to corporate advertisers or driven by profit margins.

CKXU is volunteer based with only one full-time staff, two part-time staff, and a few very poorly paid contract staff. It, as a collective, works very very hard with very very little money.

For all the great swag available and all the awesome reasons you should pledge, take a gander here.

Need more incentive? Look at all the stuff I am giving away with pledge packs on my show, The Random Nation THIS Thursday from 8:00pm to 9:00pm. I have over $250.00 worth of music and music stuffs to give away in ONE HOUR! I am aiming to raise $500.00 this year.

So check out the sweet extra packages below – listen in on THURSDAY from EIGHT pm to NINE pm with me, and my wicked co-host Martine O’Clock (regular host of Non-Stop Psychotic Cabaret) as we incentive you to pledge – plus play some rad shit.

More sweet extra goodies to give away will be announced throughout the week via @JProssa and FB. CHECK IT OUT.

The lady love:

Austra's "Feel it Break", Feist's new album "Metals", Calgary's Woodpigeon "Die Stadt Muzikanteen", and some Sarah Slean "The Baroness".

Whatta Man pack:

Peter Elkas' "Repeat Offender", Dan "oh my man" Mangan "Oh Fortune", Bob Mould "Distrcit Line"

Old News is Good News

Elivis Costello's "National Ransom", Huey Lewis and the News "Soulsville"

Sexxx beatxxx

Brazilian Girls' Self Titled, Hova/Yeezy's "Watch the Throne"

Good for the Soul

Leeroy Stagger's "Everything is Real", The Acorn "No Ghost", Islands' "Arms Way"


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