New extra great and amazing FUNdrive pledge

So, to add even more sugar to the bowl of goodness that is CKXU FUNdrive, I am adding THREE more exclusive to Random Nation FUNdrive incentives.

1: With a $60.00 pledge you will get my voice services for one message, no more than 15 minutes in length. The message can be anything of your choosing (voicemail, greeting card, greeting for car or computer or some other fancy electronic, advertisement- non profits or local businesses only, OR a message to a loved one professing your care and admiration. Some restrictions do apply.). Having been nominated for “Best Radio Voice” for CKXU’s annual awards, I feel pretty qualified to offer this service.

2: With a $40.00 pledge I will use an upcoming radio show to make an announcement, proposal, or broadcast something of your choosing. Need an event publicized? Want to propose to that special someone? Use Random Nation to do it!

3: This is the big khuna. For the pledge of $160, you will not only get the “Atomic pack” – you will also get TWO tickets to the upcoming Little Miss Higgins/The Good Lovelies show at Geomatic Attic. A value of $70.00 for the tickets alone!

JEEZ. Giving away the farm here.

Phone into pledge tonight, 8pm to 9pm on The Random Nation at 403 329 2400. Help my show reach $500.00 and get a super special shout out from myself and Girl O’Clock.

Remember, 403 329 2400 is the number to call to get your hands on these sweet goodies!




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