Review of Wax Mannequin’s “No Safe Home”

For Those Who Like: Iron and Wine, The Weakerthans, Gotye, Neil Young, Julie Doiron, Colin Meloy

As we near the close of this summer’s festival season, Wax Mannequin releases a Canadian folk album that provides a bit of respite for the ears. When music lovers are done spending weekend after weekend with simmering guitars, head pounding electronica, large crowds, muddy fields, 35 degree heat and days on end without showering or a solid meal – Wax Mannequin’s new album No Safe Home offers an oasis from dirty garage rock and bands you used to like. Instead, an album from a musician you still like, and for good reason.

Adeney, who goes by the stage name of Wax Mannequin, was born into the steel-hearted scene in Hamilton, Ontario. A true Canadian troubadour, Chris Adeney has been bringing his strange blend of Canadiana to large cities and small prairie towns across the country since 2000. A unique psych-folk sound that goes above and beyond the often applied moniker, Adeney is well known for his high energy and often odd performances that erase any sense of calm reassurance you have learned to expect from the lexicon of Canadian folk troubadours.

Continuing to move away from his louder albums 2004’s The Price and 2007’s Orchard and Ire, No Safe Home builds off his 2009 release Saxon. It’s a collection of truly contemplative tales that continue to show off his incredible talent and deep connection to both this country and his craft. Adeney has been traveling since mid-July to promote No Safe Home, and like Saxon, it is winning critical praise and audience loyalty throughout every town and city he plays in.

While Max Mannequin is catchy well done folk, the album is only 3/4 of the charm. To see him live is a treat, and No Safe Home offers a great deal of that same energy. Stream the album from Exclaim herewhile you still can!

Originally published on the National Music Centre’s blog as part of New Release Tuesday, August 7th 2012.


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