Cope’ing with it

Tonight, a community of amazing people are gathering to remember Adam Cope. There are innumerable ways to describe him, none of them seem good enough. I cannot be in Edmonton tonight but I send all my love and strength there – where once again Adam will bring together a group of passionate, caring and inspiring people. That was only one of his gifts.

There are many things I want to say, but tonight all I have is this: A Love poem.

There is no readiness for the end, when the finale is only after the first act.

Still “is” and “here” and “can” and “will” and …

16, meeting you suddenly and under innocently false pretences. Then, again, in a different space and a different time.Then, again, new and old worlds colliding.

My friends have excellent taste. They chose both of us. From equal worlds of love and support, they chose both of us.

I pretended to be someone exciting, and you chose to see that I was exciting

Years of friendship drifting through different cities, different times and places.

You remind me of favourite stories and poems – some I know, some I knew and some I will. Yarns and tales whispered and shouted. Imaginations unbound by convention. Dark and light, happy and twisted, powerful and shallow…

Contradictions defined happily by delight at everyone else’s amusement.

Creator of smiles and laughter and tears and arguments and second guesses and first glances and second thoughts and deeper meanings and play and longing and desire and frustration. Perfectly human. Perfectly fallible. Perfect in every contradiction.

There are many crystalized moments. Like the last. A ferris wheel overlooking a kingdom you were secretly the king of. A secret only to you – everyone else already saw it in their glass balls. Lights blurred and you sat there with a true love of us both.

You played every part so well, you must have lived a thousand lives. Maybe that is why you had to leave. So very tired of being here and now and there and then.

Perhaps your spirit is living anew. Perhaps you are finally resting. Perhaps the run is truly over – a last bow to your faithful, loving audience. But you don’t owe me any explanation.

Thank you. I love you. I will and I can and I do.


One thought on “Cope’ing with it

  1. Don Cope says:

    What a lovely tribute to a fine young man I was proud to call Son. Thank you for sharing your insights, your thoughts, and your memories with us. ~Don Cope

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