A new face for Elect Lethbridge

It is time for me to publicly hand over Elect Lethbridge to its current main contributor: Kim Siever.

It was 2010 when I first started Elect Lethbridge. I was freelancing, and the managing editor of a small paper in town and went looking for a site that could give the quick and dirty of what was happening with municipal politics. And, since there was none, need beget creation.

The aim was two-fold: to provide local, thorough, and critical coverage of the municipal election race, and to create a citizen driven medium to encourage discourse about local politics. It was as simple as a bulletin board – a bulletin board that hosted live blogs of every major forum the city had to offer.

The 2010 municipal election gave plenty of content to the site, and soon the site was receiving thousands of visitors. After the municipal election, myself and other contributors covered the provincial and the federal elections – illustrating how truly all politics is local. Since 2010, it has remained an important place to access information about Lethbridge’s politics and during campaign cycles the site continues to get thousands of visits a day.

I enjoyed many opportunities through founding and managing Elect Lethbridge. I quickly networked into a slew of local politicians, media and the many brilliant people who work behind the scenes. I was able to provide a medium, a bulletin board, about local politics to the community. I found a way to share my passion for local politics, and saw quickly that I wasn’t alone.

However, as the 2013 municipal race heats up – if I am going to stay true to the principles of Elect Lethbridge, it is time for me to formally step away. I no longer live in the city, and can no longer dedicate the time and detail to covering Lethbridge politics in the way that Lethbridge deserves.

Since the beginning of the 2013 municipal race, coverage content creation and management of the site has been handled by Kim Siever, and since I am no longer local, Kim Siever will be taking over the management of the site full time from here on out.

Thank you Lethbridge for showing me that I wasn’t yelling into the wind. Keep on asking questions, and expect nothing but the most passionate and dedicated people to represent you.


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