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The Wheel of freedom

Yesterday, this awesome sauce of a guy I know got me a shawk of Trades to occupy me in my limited free time. If I start to fail at life, I blame him, Alan Moore and Robert Kirkman.

In my rooster of life failing aids?

The first two trades of Invincible – This wicked awesome comic about a teenage boy superhero who saves the world one group of bad guys at a time.

I also have been jiving on this new Alan Moore thing: Top Ten. Super interesting and a bit of a departure from Moore’s previous anti-government, overtly political, intensely intellectual works. This is a bit lighter and very super hero-ie.

Also wicked awesome? Check out Image Comics web page. You can read the first issue of a bunch of the titles in their rooster for free. A chance to get to know what you like and if comics are not your thing (yet…) you will be sure to get a good introduction.

In my puruesing of Image Comics site I found all this cool stuff! Including this brand new comic I totally wanna check: Suburban Glamour by Jamie Mckelvie. “Life’s tough when you’re a teenager — homework, boy trouble, and meddling parents. So when Astrid Johnson has to deal with imaginary friends turned real, monster attacks and faerie magic as well — that’s just not fair, is it?”

No, no its not.

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How many emo kids does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

This week I was finaling and hanging out with wicked student leaders. I am currently gearing up to take my position as official VP of keeping the rest of the ULSU in line. Nah, just kidding. We have staff who are way better at that than me.

This weekend, a bunch of student leader political heads got together to nerd out about federal lobbying and how funny Rob Anders can be. Canmore was lovely and even more so was the pole dancing aficionado from the one and only UBC. Myself, the ULSU’s current and future president and incoming VP Administration bonded like Elmer glue on the ride up. Apparently a four hour car ride also gives ample opportunity to see how many indie/music/misrepresented emo jokes can be made. (I lost count at 28 837…) So, due to my weekend filled with patience testing emo jokes, political mayhem, federal lobbying information and all around nerdy good times:

This week’s web comics: Politics and Music – they’re both funny!

A non web comic notes- just finished the Top Ten Trade from my beloved Alan Moore and loved it. The plot is a little wierd and sometimes a little all over the place and the writing surprised me a bit as this particular trade series is much lighter and a lot less overtly political and radical as Moore’s previous work’s. Still, no complaints and pretty cool to see a lighter and much more humor based side of Moore.

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The Watchmen are all clothed!

Woah!! This is the coolest thing I have seen all week.

The Watchmen

The Watchmen costumes have been released and a huge thanks to Bananatree for the update. Totally rockin. Silk Spectre isn’t at all what I imagined but still very sweet. Rorschach is fantastic and totally in keeping with Gibsons interpertation in the novel and The Comedian looks bad ass, to say the least.

This is actually getting me excited about the movie….sorry Moore.

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Who watches the Watchmen?

The Last Man vol. 1

I have heard a bunch of buzz around this recent publication from Vertigo’s , Y: The Last Man, and I am starting to buy into it. From the available “sneak peek” this publication looks pretty cool. I think I am a little behind the times but a girl can only do so much.

However, the main reason for this post is that when looking up some information on Y: The Last Man I saw that they are in the process of making a movie out of it. This, like all lit. based movies has the potential to make every fan cringe and shrink so low in their seats (and I do say seats because fans will come see it just for the sake of curiosity) you would think the hellmouth was opening up underneath the theater and pulling all the cool people down. A director has been nailed down (D.J. Caruso who also directed The Salton Sea – which I think is funny…Caruso…Sea….am I right?) and Shia Labeouf has been tossed around to play the lead character….which I guess makes sense. He likes comics right? Trandformers wasn’t totally terrible, right?
The main reason this makes me cringe has more to do with the latest comic based movie soon to be hitting our local theater’s: The Watchmen. Alan Moores masterpiece will soon be splashed across giant screens everywhere. I cannot help but scoff at any directors attempt to translate Moores hyper political and yet somewhat blase tone to a script, although I totally concede that Gibsons art would translate pretty well to film. A very cool thing about it is that some of it was filmed in Vancouver. There are some production pics up for looking at and thus far, it does indeed pretty cool, but is cool really enough? ( That being said, look how bad ass Rorsauch looks!)


(This pic appears in the trailer for 300, which I have to say, was also pretty bad ass. But we have already seen how wicked Frank Millers stuff translates, esspeccially in the hands of the right guy. Rodriguez, you have my heart. Speaking of….at HMV (in Canada at least) you can get a copy of Sin City, complete with the extended version, bonus footage (which comes with it anyways to be fair) AND vol. 1 of Frank Millers Sin City graphic novel all for a measly sum of $16.95. I totally recommend checking out some of the bonus stuff. How Rodriguez got Miller on board is pretty interesting, and its cool to see how those two worked together. Personally, I didn’t find the hidden pic but maybe someone else would… )

Back to The Watchmen…. the reason why I really don’t feel that this is going to rock my world a la Sin City, or even 300 is Moores complete and utter distaste with this film or any other film done of his work. I just recently saw V for Vendetta and I agree. It just didn’t work for me. Moore is not a script writer. The work he does is perfect for the medium but changing it, cutting it up and making it into something newly packaged takes away some of the beauty. The concept is gold and I can see why any producer/director/script writer would want to use it, however when the creator wants no association to what you are doing, doesn’t that tell you something? That being said I do believe I once read that Moore didn’t want association to any film being done of his work (both V for Vendetta and The League of Extraordinary Gentleman did not receive the seal of approval from Moore) for the simple reason he couldn’t condone somebody messing with “his baby”. Pretty understandable if you ask me. If you are a fan of Moore or even interested, check out this interview done. Its a little lengthy but well worth the time.

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Brilliant in every form

I love this qoute from Alan Moore:

Because our entire universe is made up of consciousness, we never really experience the universe directly we just experience our consciousness of the universe, our perception of it, so right, our only universe is perception.

Which makes him a dreamboat even if he looks slightly like Tolstoy in the not so good days….

Alan Moore VS. Tolstoy

Dreamboats……am I right?

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