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Did you know its Emergency Preparedness Week?

I’m going to see Iron Man tonight.

This is pretty awesome.

Equally awesome? Webcomics…

This weeks theme: How to be prepared for a national emergency, in honor of emergency preparedness week.

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Late night Vampire Weekend

Late night posting has me thinking….


Read the first installment of the mini series 30 Days of Night yesterday while in between classes. Yep, only took me a couple hrs total. Though, for those couple hours spent I am sure getting my moneys worth (ok,no actual money was spent as it was lent to me by El Devo…) but I have been thinking about it non stop. The plot is very simple and yes this is the graphic novel which lead to the movie …..

I have yet to see the movie and due to the fact that Josh Hartnett makes me want ot hit someone (mostly just him) I doubt I will. The trailer looks interesting but really, the main reason is that there just was not enough of a story there to warrent an hour and a half spent in a movie theater. Plus – everyone else seemed to dislike it. Plus – well, Josh Hartnett again.

The story is very simple and very obvious. No catches or suprises and a quick and easy ending. The thing that really got to me is the art. It is amazing. The writing was lacking and seemed to be too simple without any sort of accomplishment but the art….wow. Totally mind blowing. Very unusual from previous stuff I have read. For that alone I think I may go out and find me a copy of 30 Days of Night: Red Snow. As well, Red Snow seems to have more of a base that could draw me into the characters and story, though I doubt anything would be able to compete with Templesmith’s art.

speaking of Vampires….Vampire Weekend is slowly and surely growing on me. I am actually interested in seeing these fellows and thier crazy afro-beat/harvard educated selves.

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Comic Book Video

The great advantage to having really nerdy/cool/obscure-thing-lovin’ friends.

This has little to do with comic books but it is super cool and has comic book related themes

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