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Web Comic Sunday

It has been ages and ages since I have last done this but as I have a pretty relaxed Sunay evening ahead of me, just chilling at Lethbridges only campus-community stations CKXU’s FUNdrive, I figured I would web comic it in between taking pledges and looking pretty. (want to know more about FUNdrive? Check out http://www.ckxu.com or my CKXU/music blog.)

This weeks theme: Making my heart happy!

How To Impress the Ladies

How To Impress the Ladies

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Dinosaur Comics and CBC! or: Nerdy kids around the world wet themselves…


CBC and Dinosaur Comics in one?! This makes nerdy girl happier than, well, I don’t really know, maybe Star Wars. No, not Star Wars, lets not be drastic.

Ryan North, creator of Qwantz Dinosaur Comics, was featured on CBC’s “Sounds Like Canada”! Whats up! He talks about comics, his comics and mentions a few other very awesome web comics which I personally dig as well. (See Ryan, we ARE meant to be together…)

Check out the Podcast, comics on the CBC, amiright?!

CBC \”Sounds like Canada\”

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The Dark Knight comes out Thursday midnight in theaters across the nation. I am so excited I think I may wet myself. I am on my way to get tickets today and will be holding myself until they’re in my hands…

In the meantime, other Dark Knight nerds and I have been scouring the many resources (ie. the Internet) to find credible sources of information (ie. youtube)  and have found some pretty awesome stuff.


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Blogs! comics! weeeee….

I found this super sweet blog on the Wizard Universe all about Indie comics. Totally sweet. I have linked it HERE but just in case it is also to be found to your right on the blog roll….called Indie Jones…

and! through Indie Jones I found this jem, an art blog with comic style drawing I totally dig. Also: this.

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your AD here

I just recently have gotten into this trade, The Sandman, and am so far really digging it. I have only brushed the surface of it so my report is minuscule in judgement thus far, but judgement is leaning towards enjoyable.

I obtained this particular book through what I have dubbed ‘the magic of the comic lovers guild’. The comic lovers guild does not exist in any concrete or even socially acknowledged way (to the best of my knowledge) but is present. People who love comics really love comics and are more than happy to share that when they see the chance.

During a class at the great University type establishment I attend I had pulled out my ever ready copy of The Watchmen to get to my ever buried copy of The Iliad. Throwing The Watchmen on the table, I proceeded to be a diligent student and think nothing of it. Fast forward a couple days later and a classmate of mine who also frequents the coffee type establishment I work for (the city I live in is pretty small…) mentioned The Watchmen scene and suggested a couple different trades as well as some help in finding some very cool stuff. Turns out this very cool classmate worked at a comic book shop in Calgary and was more then happy to lend me the afore mentioned The Sandman.

Comic lovers LOVE other comic lovers. I am not sure why I am surprised, but the first couple times people got super stoked when I would reference a line or a something from somewhere that was related to comics, I was a little off gaurd. I cannot think why I wouldn’t expect it. Comic lovers are lovers. They go to comic con’s, get dressed up and pin point which issue of which line got them into comics and collecting. In the years I have known El Devo I had yet to see him as excited about anything as he got when showing my his collection.

images.jpg (this is how excited El Devo gets….pretty intense heh?)

Most of my life I had been surrounded by complete music nerds who would get equally jazzed when they see someone wearing a Band of Horses Tee. This level of obsession over a facet of culture is not new to me by any means. In fact, it seems like this new love of mine is in constant competition with the time I normally spend checking out new music, or reading blogs or music mag’s. Instead I find myself looking up info on references made in these endlessly clever and satirical works of art. If any one knows of any off the beaten path indie bands also doing comics….let me know. K?

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