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Thats not where my right knee cap is supposed to be…

This week I have done very little except for getting in my own way for academic success.

I finished the Frank Miller contribution to the DC series Batman, The Dark Knight, which I really loved. I have always liked Frank Millers works, Sin City and 300 being the most note-able and accessible trades, which is why I was not at all surprised about my quick interest in this trade. A dark perspective on the classic Batman series, set 20 years after his supposed retirement, complete with a new robin (a young teenage girl) and a new police commissioner (complete with the inherent political backlash).

I was recently informed The Dark Night movie has little to nothing to with the Frank Miller addition to the traditional DC comic Batman, and in fact is mostly based on a 5 part Batman cross over series War Games and marginally influenced by the actual comic, The Dark Knight. There are some major themes which are echoed in both the Frank Miller novel as well as the movie, but really, its a movie based on a DC comic book so major themes are few and far between. I have yet to have an opinion not having seen the movie, but now I am a little intrigued.

There is not decent segue to be found here so….









(Dear Taylor: An open letter to you. This is the way action is taken. Ergo: here is the action. )

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Oh man…

So, this weekend (precisely – yesterday) I had my geek out/comic book session with El Devo. Fan-tastic. Like any good mentor, he took me to the beginning of how he developed his (very intense) relationship with comics. Boy, oh boy what a lesson. Going through all the universe’s and the different streams in Marvel was enlightening to say the least. There is so much out there, I am feeling a bit over whelmed. Where to start? How can I even begin when there is so much that came before me!

He did lend me some awesome trades with a nice cross section. Frank Miller’s Batman, Daniel Clowse (famed writer of Ghost World, although he lent me Caricatures which is proving to be a easy read and not nearly as insightful and interesting as I was led to think.) A Marvel universe cross over trade, a Alan Moore publication I have never even heard of and a bunch more.

So, I essentially have my work cut out for me, which is great to say when “work” is reading comics. For real.

Now, onto to something incredibly important. There is the most awesome GWAR reference ever. Page 21 of chapter five in The Watchmen there is a great reference to GWAR in the second last panel of the page. What is GWAR you might ask? Well, in The Watchmen GWAR is an acronym standing for “Gay Women Against Rape”. More currently known, Gwar is a band which I cannot genrify aptly but can be described somewhat by a trash metal/shock rock/glam rock type group whose main appeal is the outrageous costumes, crazy erratic, somewhat grotesque behaviour and a stage show which has become infamous for the amount of (supposed) bodily fluids which are sprayed out continuously throughout the performance.

Now, in the information available to myself via the World Wide Web I have yet been able to find anything actually and significantly linking The Watchmen and GWAR together.

The band formed in 1985 (according to their official website, which has an awesome mythological type bio available, a good and entertaining read for all) and according to both the website and wikipedia GWAR’s name came from shouting out “Gwarggghhhh” in every show which adhered itself nicely to their particular brand of entertainment.

The Watchmen was published in 1986 through DC Comics and Alan Moore very much strikes me as the type to pick up what GWAR puts down. So, in my typical rational and completely logical fashion I have put two and two together. GWAR formed in 1985 (ish) and The Watchmen would have been in the process in 1984/85/86 to be published in 1986. Ergo this leads to me think only one thing: Alan Moore loves/loved GWAR and when opportunity presented itself, he would (of course!) be beside himself with glee to reference this then obscure group of entertainers/musicians.

Until I find something to prove me other wise, this is what I will believe.

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