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I Love War – (uh.. this is what its good for?!)


This has little to do with comics, but is pretty awesome sauce. Plus, Star War nerds usually transcend into comic nerds…

This great site – designed by humans- is a shop where t shirt designs are submitted and people can vote for their fav’s and of course buy ’em. Click on the link in the pic to see more.

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Michael Cera, Star Wars, me!

Brand new word on the street is the one and only Canadian born and raised actor Michael Cera is going to star in the movie adaptation of the somewhat famous onipress graphic novel, Scott Pilgrims precious little life. Now I have not read the comic from the start but from the couple issues I have flipped through it is pretty rad-stache. There is also this wicked sneek peek if you follow this link. Besides Cera, noted director Edgar Wright (from Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead fame…) is said to be the brains behind this operation and with his credibility and Cera’s huge audience appeal, this graphic novel about an average Canadian guy could very well blow up big. Hmmm…this may mean I best get my hands on a few issues before the hype gets to them. According to mulitiple sources, this looks like its heading for production sometime Fall of 2008 with Universal studios. I know I am pretty stoked. With blogs like Indie Jones and NY mag’s Vulture going crazy over this story as well as the great and venerable After Elton site all buzzing, this could very well be the next big indie craze. Check out the links for some more info/opinions/general awesomness on this story.

In a completely unrelated, yet somehow related note – I have this wicked friend whose nickname is Lando (kid you not….awesome sauce right?) and he bears a remarkable resemblance to M. Cera. Its uncanny. Don’t believe me? Judge for yourself.


( Michael Cera/Lando and me – or is it?)


(The real Michael Cera – or is it?)

To continue with this ad-hoc theme of loosely connected segues, I recently found this wicked comic artist (through Indie Jones, whats up!) and had to share this comic with you. When I read this I nearly died with laughter and happiness, particularly because I just finished up a campaign for my universities student union elections and one of my campaign posters had my face and the quote “These are not the droids you’re looking for”. Ergo, Liz Prince and I are destined to be BFF.


I love Star Wars! Click on the link to see her Live Journal page which has this and much more comic goodness.

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