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Single happiest person ever?

Its been a really long week. I feel like Sunday the 9th to this morning was one day. One very very long day.

I finished up the second Sandman trade, The Dolls House, and am eagerly anticipating my (soon to be…) purchase of the third one. It took me this second edition to really get into it. I couldn’t put it down. Insteadof reading the copious amounts of text bookage and Dante I had piling up, I opted for Neil Gaimen. Too be honest, I actually found it much more interesting and much more applicable. The classic literary references  and themes within this very contemporary drawing style packaged in a medium that has only gained a reputation of legitimacy for the past couple decades has held my attention and taught me more than much of the peer reviewed, journal published, academic argument inducing articles read this past year.

Ok, maybe that’s not at all true, but The Sandman is one of the most creative pieces of literature I have read. Even if its representation of IR theory is sadly lacking…

One of the many fine professors in one of the many fine  classes I regularly attend created a podcast class. I know, cool right? This podcast class was a pre recorded podcast to do with that weeks readings and the first half of the podcast was about cell phones, specifically our dependency on cell phones. The day I listened to this podcast I had forgotten my cell phone at home and was feeling like a part of my life was incomplete. The podcast hit very close to home. So, for this weeks theme of awesome weekly web comics:

“Close to home…”









Speaking of memories, I am getting very very excited to go to Sasquatch, a fantastic music festival in Washington State at The Gorge. I have heard a rumour that the long anticipated Flaming Lips movie, Christmas on Mars, will be shown. Too be honest, this movie looks to be be more akin to a B grade collage student project that a visual piece of artistic genius, but if you have ever seen Fearless Freaks and seen how excited Wayne Cohen was than you will understand why you have just got to see it. Plus, it was scheduled to come out December 2005 and just premiered at SXSW this month. Nothing gets me worse than having to wait. If this Sasquatch business is true, I will be the single happiest person to exist. Ever.

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Neil Gaiman is actually a genuis…FYI

I take it back.

Neil Gaiman is actually a genuis. A brilliant story teller. What was I thinking?

Clearly, I wasn’t. However, after finishing the first Sandman trade and now moving onto the second, The Dolls House, I am convinced of his narrative brilliance. I think that the first throw off was the minimalism in his writing. It is so simple and clear, with each character really forming their own story…but that is what makes it amazing. The clarity and simpleness. I am in love….

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