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Web Comic Sunday

It has been ages and ages since I have last done this but as I have a pretty relaxed Sunay evening ahead of me, just chilling at Lethbridges only campus-community stations CKXU’s FUNdrive, I figured I would web comic it in between taking pledges and looking pretty. (want to know more about FUNdrive? Check out http://www.ckxu.com or my CKXU/music blog.)

This weeks theme: Making my heart happy!

How To Impress the Ladies

How To Impress the Ladies

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How many emo kids does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

This week I was finaling and hanging out with wicked student leaders. I am currently gearing up to take my position as official VP of keeping the rest of the ULSU in line. Nah, just kidding. We have staff who are way better at that than me.

This weekend, a bunch of student leader political heads got together to nerd out about federal lobbying and how funny Rob Anders can be. Canmore was lovely and even more so was the pole dancing aficionado from the one and only UBC. Myself, the ULSU’s current and future president and incoming VP Administration bonded like Elmer glue on the ride up. Apparently a four hour car ride also gives ample opportunity to see how many indie/music/misrepresented emo jokes can be made. (I lost count at 28 837…) So, due to my weekend filled with patience testing emo jokes, political mayhem, federal lobbying information and all around nerdy good times:

This week’s web comics: Politics and Music – they’re both funny!

A non web comic notes- just finished the Top Ten Trade from my beloved Alan Moore and loved it. The plot is a little wierd and sometimes a little all over the place and the writing surprised me a bit as this particular trade series is much lighter and a lot less overtly political and radical as Moore’s previous work’s. Still, no complaints and pretty cool to see a lighter and much more humor based side of Moore.

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Take me down to paradise city…

Oh jeez…it has been quite a while since I posted….

This week I have been pretty hopped up on T-3’s since I decided to slowly and surely destory my body with Rock and Roll. Actually, the truth, I was playing Puerto Rico with a few other poli sci nerds and one of my very excellent prof’s and all my energy went into trash talking and not into making sure I don’t twist my knee out of place. Basically, I hurt my knee and it hurts, ergo, T-3’s and not too much else. Which is my excuse for this rambling and non sensical post.

This weeks web comics are based on what I learned in school this semester….(or: what I learned this year in class which has no relevance to anything I will be tested on or need to write papers on, plus a refelection of the amount of time I play chess without getting any better)

This webcomic has nothing to do with learning or school or anything but radness:

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I ate Deborah’s bunny ears.

Hey! You know whats super awesome about Easter? Days off and discount chocolate.

This weekend I came back to my home town to see a fantastic stage show of Hedwig and the Angry Inch done by the amazing Sage Theater. Myself and two very lovely friends of mine enjoyed it thoroughly. As they were out of town friends, we all crashed my very accommodating Nana’s place and woke up to the smells of breakfast food. I go upstairs and look upon a lovely array of food: muffins, breads, eggs, bacon, and hot cross buns. Then I remind my Nana my friends are vegan, and yep, I still don’t eat dead animals…. (Although I did greatly appreciate the effort and the liquor soaked banana’s she was serving up with breakfast. This is why I love being Irish… alcohol soaked morning food totally acceptable.)

“But these eggs are free range AND organic”

“Do they come from a chicken still?”


“They’re not vegan.”

“Oh, well, do they(my friends) eat any dairy or meat at all?”

“Nope, vegan, no animal products…”


“Well….what do they eat? Anything? are they air livers? well?”


So this weeks slew of webcomics are devoted to easter and vegans and binary solo’s…

(and to my lovely nana)







and speaking of binary solo’s: my favourite Flight of the Conchords song:

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Single happiest person ever?

Its been a really long week. I feel like Sunday the 9th to this morning was one day. One very very long day.

I finished up the second Sandman trade, The Dolls House, and am eagerly anticipating my (soon to be…) purchase of the third one. It took me this second edition to really get into it. I couldn’t put it down. Insteadof reading the copious amounts of text bookage and Dante I had piling up, I opted for Neil Gaimen. Too be honest, I actually found it much more interesting and much more applicable. The classic literary references  and themes within this very contemporary drawing style packaged in a medium that has only gained a reputation of legitimacy for the past couple decades has held my attention and taught me more than much of the peer reviewed, journal published, academic argument inducing articles read this past year.

Ok, maybe that’s not at all true, but The Sandman is one of the most creative pieces of literature I have read. Even if its representation of IR theory is sadly lacking…

One of the many fine professors in one of the many fine  classes I regularly attend created a podcast class. I know, cool right? This podcast class was a pre recorded podcast to do with that weeks readings and the first half of the podcast was about cell phones, specifically our dependency on cell phones. The day I listened to this podcast I had forgotten my cell phone at home and was feeling like a part of my life was incomplete. The podcast hit very close to home. So, for this weeks theme of awesome weekly web comics:

“Close to home…”









Speaking of memories, I am getting very very excited to go to Sasquatch, a fantastic music festival in Washington State at The Gorge. I have heard a rumour that the long anticipated Flaming Lips movie, Christmas on Mars, will be shown. Too be honest, this movie looks to be be more akin to a B grade collage student project that a visual piece of artistic genius, but if you have ever seen Fearless Freaks and seen how excited Wayne Cohen was than you will understand why you have just got to see it. Plus, it was scheduled to come out December 2005 and just premiered at SXSW this month. Nothing gets me worse than having to wait. If this Sasquatch business is true, I will be the single happiest person to exist. Ever.

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This post’s theme: smooching face’s!

man, o’man. Speaking of spending all my time on the intra-web I heart web comics so much. Links included for your obsessional pleasure. This post’s theme: smooching faces!

Now, unfortunately due to some blogging sadness I couldn’t upload the proper comic to this format without it getting cut off, so here are three links you must click if you enjoy laughter and/or life.

Link one: boy loves girl. girl loves boy. misogyny ensues.

Link two: a small town dinosaur moves into a big time world and finds that smooching can and WILL solve all potential conversational problems. He is right.

Link three: a romantic entanglement due to the crafty nature of Uncle Sal.

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