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Did you know its Emergency Preparedness Week?

I’m going to see Iron Man tonight.

This is pretty awesome.

Equally awesome? Webcomics…

This weeks theme: How to be prepared for a national emergency, in honor of emergency preparedness week.

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Thats not where my right knee cap is supposed to be…

This week I have done very little except for getting in my own way for academic success.

I finished the Frank Miller contribution to the DC series Batman, The Dark Knight, which I really loved. I have always liked Frank Millers works, Sin City and 300 being the most note-able and accessible trades, which is why I was not at all surprised about my quick interest in this trade. A dark perspective on the classic Batman series, set 20 years after his supposed retirement, complete with a new robin (a young teenage girl) and a new police commissioner (complete with the inherent political backlash).

I was recently informed The Dark Night movie has little to nothing to with the Frank Miller addition to the traditional DC comic Batman, and in fact is mostly based on a 5 part Batman cross over series War Games and marginally influenced by the actual comic, The Dark Knight. There are some major themes which are echoed in both the Frank Miller novel as well as the movie, but really, its a movie based on a DC comic book so major themes are few and far between. I have yet to have an opinion not having seen the movie, but now I am a little intrigued.

There is not decent segue to be found here so….









(Dear Taylor: An open letter to you. This is the way action is taken. Ergo: here is the action. )

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